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A convenient, comfortable and cost-effective premium transit experience.

Express Coach


Express Coaches in South Florida

South Florida has a number of Express Coaches traveling on major highways. These Express Coaches offer comfortable rides over relatively long distances (20+ miles) to major employment centers with very few stops along the way at a fraction of the cost of driving a car. Each Express Coach can seat about 45 passengers; that equals 45 cars off of the roads. That is great for the environment. Express Coaches are operated by Miami-Dade Transit and Broward County Transit.

Commuters who use Express Coaches at least three times per week are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home benefits. To take advantage of GRH, commuters must be registered with South Florida Commuter Services.

Some Express Coaches operate in 95 Express, 75 Express, 595 Express and 826 Express lanes. It is not uncommon for these Coaches to arrive at their destinations faster than cars traveling in the general purpose lanes.

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