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FREE Uber rides home to qualifying commuters who carpool, vanpool, or ride public transit.



Do you carpool? Awesome! Are there at least 3 people in your carpool? Even better! 3+ Carpools can use 95 Express for free once the carpool has been registered with SFCS. 3+ passenger carpools are carpools with at least three people traveling to or from work/school in a single vehicle. Each member of 3+ carpools is also eligible for Guaranteed Ride Home benefits. To register your 3+ Carpool click here.

Register As 3 Member Carpooler

Once your registration information has been processed, you will receive your 95 Express decal and letter of verification in the mail. Your decal and letter of verification will allow you to use the 95 Express Lanes in Southeast Florida toll-free. Please be mindful, 95 Express toll-free registrations are not valid on any other tolled road or facility, only 95 Express.

Don’t have carpool partners? Register for our ridematching portal. We can help find potential carpool partners.

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