95 Express 3+ Carpool Registration

Complete the following form to register your 3+ carpool.  SFCS has the right to verify any information (including employment) provided on registration forms for one or all members of the 3+ carpool. Commuters registering to participate in the 95 Express 3+ carpool program are only eligible to register a maximum two vehicles per carpool participant.

Once your registration has been verified and approved, you will receive your 95 Express decal and letter of verification in the mail. Your decal and letter of verification will allow you to take advantage of only the 95 Express Lanes in Southeast Florida toll free. When you use Express Lanes on any other highway you will be charged the associated toll. All personal information submitted to SFCS will be kept confidential.

3+ passenger carpools are defined as at least three commuters of legal driving age traveling to and from work in one vehicle. CLICK HERE for the full description of 95 Express Lane 3+ Carpool Criteria. 

Emergency Ride Home Program - You and your carpoolers will automatically be enrolled in the South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program. If email addresses are provided for you or your carpool partners, you will automatically be enrolled in SFCS’ online ERH voucher program.  If you would like to receive SFCS pre-printed vouchers by mail, contact an SFCS Customer Service Representative.