Vanpools use 95 Express for free. Vanpools are groups of 4 to 15 commuters who ride together daily to work in a comfortable, late model SUV or minivan provided by a government funded program. Riders share a small monthly cost and never have to worry about insurance, maintenance or repairs because these are all included in the program. The monthly cost is based on van selection, number of riders and mileage. Since costs are shared, riding in a Vanpool can save you a lot of money on your daily commute; not to mention, reduce wear and tear on your personal vehicle and lower insurance premiums. Each member of the Vanpool is also eligible for Guaranteed Ride Home benefits.

For more information on South Florida Vanpool go to ( Don’t have 4 potential riders? Contact us to be matched with an existing Vanpool in your area by filling out the contact us form or calling 1-800-234-RIDE.