New Emissions Software for Employers

Published July 23rd, 2013 by Admin

Would you as an employer like to track the saved emissions of your employees who share a ride to work? Great news - we have developed a new Emissions Reporting Web Based Module.

Imagine having a web-based tool specifically customized for your worksite that is password protected and visible only to your eyes. The report provides data on emissions reductions, cost savings and vehicle miles saved. The data is based on your employees who carpool, vanpool or take transit and enter their information at their convenience via the SFCS website. You can run reports daily, weekly, monthly or for any range of dates you need for a group or individual.

Scientists cannot yet predict the impact that gases contributing to the greenhouse effect will have on the Earth’s climate. But it’s clear that decisions to limit emissions of these gases by encouraging employees to carpool, vanpool, take transit or walk and bike to work is a step in the right direction.

Call 1/800-234-7433 today to set up a meeting with an SFCS outreach representative who can explain all the details and benefits of the new emissions software. You can also visit the website at