95 Express 3+ Carpool Renewal

Complete the form below to renew your 95 Express 3+ Carpool registration.  It is important to update any home, work, or contact information for you or any of your carpool partners to ensure that our records stay current and up-to-date.  Renewing your 3+ Carpool registration will also update your SFCS Emergency Ride Home registration.

You will need your SFCS Commuter ID to complete your renewal.  Your Commuter ID can be found on the renewal notification that was mailed to you, on your online SFCS Personal Profile, or by contacting SFCS at 1-800-234-RIDE.

If your carpool registration has already expired, you will need to submit a new 95 Express 3+ Carpool Registration in order to be reactivated as a toll free user.

NOTE: If you are updating information for an existing carpooler, you are only required to enter the information which needs to be updated.  If you are adding a new individual to your carpool, all information is required.


(Located in the upper right hand corner of your renewal form.)