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Regardless of Low Gas Prices, Ridesharing Is Still A Good Choice

Published May 7th, 2015 by Sabrina Glenn

Gas prices are definitely low so why share the ride? Aside from the savings at the pump there are many reasons why ridesharing is still a good choice for your daily commute. 

South Florida Commuter Services 2015 Clean Air Challenge

Published April 20th, 2015 by Sabrina Glenn

It’s no question that transportation is the largest contributor to the pollution in our air. Whether you live in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, or St. Lucie County, your commute to work can have an  impact on the environment. This May we invite you to support National Clean Air Month by taking South Florida Commuter Services' 2015 Clean Air Challenge.

The Four Major Effects of Commuting

Published April 20th, 2015 by Sabrina Glenn

When it comes to commuting to work, the further you travel, the more challenges you might face. The average American commuter is spending 17.85 hours in the car per month according to the U.S. Census Bureau. We’ve put together our top four major effects of commuting so you can see just how your commute is impacting you.

Why Miami and the Rest of the World Need to Start Ridesharing

Published March 24th, 2015 by Mowenllc

The congestion on the roadways and interstates around South Florida can lead to a frustrating commute.  All those hours of time spent in traffic add up.  What’s more, you’re putting wear and tear on your vehicle and your bank account.  And don’t forget about the impact on the environment.  All those cars spew millions of pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Ridesharing: Saving Time, Money and the Planet!

Published March 24th, 2015 by Mowenllc

You may not be a super hero, but you can still save the planet.  And it’s as easy as turning a key!

Ridesharing (also known as carpooling) is the newest trend to hit the Miami area, and it shows no signs of slowing down.  In fact, more passengers than ever are choosing to split the driving because of the enormous savings (and fewer headaches) it brings.

Need an Emergency Ride Home? Here’s Your Answer!

Published March 24th, 2015 by Mowenllc

Maybe your little one has the flu.  Maybe you got hit with overtime. What do you do when you’re going to miss your carpool, the bus, or the train?

Whatever the emergency, if your ride isn’t available you have options if you live Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, or St. Lucie counties.

Top 10 Carpooling Tips To Make Your Carpool Experience Successful

Published March 18th, 2015 by Mowenllc

Carpooling can be a great time and money saver for many people. But once you get a carpool group set up, how do you keep it going and what are some things you can do to prevent it from turning sour? Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to carpools.

Different Ways to Save by Carpooling

Published March 18th, 2015 by Mowenllc

How much you can save by the mile!

You can save both time and money by taking advantage of the carpooling options. Connecting with people who live and work near you can help you get the most out of your day. Mile by mile you can cut down travel times by suing carpool lanes and save money by sharing fuel and travel costs...

Electric Vehicles

Published March 18th, 2015 by Mowenllc

Florida Locations for EV ChargingAll-electric vehicles (EVs) run on electricity only. They are propelled by an electric motor  powered by rechargeable battery packs. Electric vehicles convert about 59–62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels ...

5 Alternative Ways to get2campus in Miami Besides Using Your Car

Published March 15th, 2015 by Mowenllc

If you’re a college student, you know that money is always tight.  There’s the cost of gas, vehicle maintenance and repairs, insurance… and that’s not even including the cost that colleges and universities in Miami charge for parking fees!  It’s no surprise then, that many students look for alternative travel and rideshare arrangements beyond using their cars in Miami. 

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