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Carpooling with at least one other person can cut your commuting costs. The more people in your carpool, the lower your expense! To find out how much you are spending driving to school alone and how much you can save by carpooling, click here.






Do you need help finding someone to share the ride?  Do you want to know what transportation options are available to you?

Palm Beach State College Palm Beach Gardens campus has teamed up with South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) to offer students a free carpool matching program.  By completing a commuter profile, students can match up with other students looking to share the ride.  Students receive a list of potential carpool matches and can check back at any time to get updated lists or change the commute parameters. 

Sign up now by providing commute information to SFCS and receive a list of potential carpoolers.

*All information is kept confidential and is only used for ridematching purposes.



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Special, convenient parking spaces for carpoolers are now available at the Palm Beach Gardens campus. Click here to see where they are located. Register your carpool now to take advantage of these great spots.

If you want to find someone at Palm Beach State to carpool with, click here.

Carpool Parking Locations
Carpool Parking spots are available in the following parking lots: Gray, Blue, and Aqua.

Carpool Parking Program Rules & Regulations
Register Your Carpool
Palm Beach State College Traffic & Parking

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What is vanpooling?

A vanpool is made up of five to 15 commuters who share the ride in a leased van with five or more commuters volunteering to drive.  The monthly commute expenses are split between the riders.  Vanpooling is ideal for commuters traveling at least 15 miles each way to work.  The Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) subsidizes each vanpool by $400 per month for groups that qualify.

For additional information about vanpooling, contact Patricia Cox with South Florida Vanpools at 561-478-5743 or by email at Find out more about vanpooling at







Visit South Florida Commuter Services at
or call 1-800-234-RIDE for more information.
South Florida Commuter Services is a program of the Florida Department of Transportation.