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Why Work with SFCS

Whether you are concerned with employee job satisfaction, company finances, maintaining a positive organization image or improving quality of life in your community and the environment, SFCS’s employer programs can address your company’s needs.

Teleworking / Telecommuting

Teleworking is emerging as one of the fastest- growing alternatives to commuting to work. The term does not apply to home-based businesses or branch offices but instead to part- or full-time employees who work from home or small offices with communications access to the main workplace.

General Employer Information

South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS) works with employers to develop and implement customized transportation programs to address the commuting challenges facing their worksite.

Commuter Tax Benefits

Employees save by using pre-tax dollars for their commuting expenses and employers get the advantage of reduced payroll taxes. This popular program is relatively easy to add to an employee benefits package and inexpensive to administer.

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