826-836 Reconstruction Project

826/836 Vanpool Incentive Program

A vanpool is made up of five to fifteen people who commute to work together in a passenger van provided by South Florida Vanpools (SFVP). The Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization provides SFVP groups with a $400.00 subsidy towards the monthly lease of the van.

What is the 826/836 incentive vanpools can receive?
The 826/836 incentive will provide additional subsidies to qualified SFVP groups for one year. Subsidies provided to groups will not exceed 50% of the monthly cost charged to the vanpool riders. This includes groups which receive additional vanpool incentives through their respective employers.

For more information CLICK HERE to complete the 826/836 Vanpool Incentive Contact Me form or call 1-800-836-7433.

*This promotion is available through June 2015.